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Forums Closing March 2018.

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Posted 17 October 2017 - 08:09 AM

It's been a great run and in our prime this was a lush, thriving community that you all helped make a bright spot in the vastness of cyberspace.  Over the years, life, work, family have pulled us all in different directions... and that's ok.


After a lot of pondering and soul searching, I've decided it's time to turn the lights off and close the door on this chapter.  Thank you all for everything that you did to make this such a kick-ass place to spend time talking about games and electronics.  I will always cherish the conversations and contributions that you all made to making Andrax.Net what it was.


Hopefully we will all run into each other again sometime!





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Posted 28 January 2018 - 03:35 PM

While I am as guilty as anyone of not posting, although I stop in fairly often, I will be extremely sad to see this site go, we've had such fun and amazing times here, and at the Muthaboards before it, that this closing is going to break my heart, although I understand completely, it sort of belongs to a different time, and while so many say things have gotten better since then, I personally think they have gotten worse.

Sure we have much easier communication these days, and yet we say far less. I know tons of people online now, but none will I remember as fondly, or consider as good a friends as I did Mofo, Deaded, Andrax, Johnny Cool, Petunia, Zweistein, Mr & Mrs Bastage, Menelaus, GNC, Voodude, Webbie, Holly, and on and on (sorry if I didn't mention your name, I had to stop somewhere, I could have basically just listed all the old Voodoo Gods and, what I consider, the honorable mentions, but even that would have taken some time.) I don't think I only speak for myself when I say I truly cared for the regulars on the Mutthaboards, and then here, I would feel bad when bad if something bad happened to someone, and feel happy when things went well for them, and of course worried about them during tough times, be it medically, personally or even financially. Now a days we know more about everyone then ever before, but everyone just seems so indifferent to one another.

I hope everyone is doing well, takes care of themselves and and I wish you all best of luck in whatever they do in life.

I went to make a necro post in the "I Hate The Mutthaboards" thread just to bump it one last time, but find that it's locked. Oh well.

aka John O. Patz (first name dot last name @ gmail dot come if you ever want to reach out to me.)

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