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Console Gaming

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The ultimate gaming console discussion area. GameCube, X-Box, Playstation 2 and "Classic" consoles have found a home!

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Red Ring of Death - last post by DarkStar

PC Gaming

Ok, doesn't everyone love PC Gaming in one form or another? Be it Bejeweled, Tetris, Majhong all the way up to Counter-Strike, Soldier of Fortune II, or Day of Defeat. Gaming has something for everyone, and on a platform as diverse as a PC, its easy to find something to amuse anyone.

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FTL - last post by Dick_Dastardly

First Person Shooters

FPS games are undoubtedly extrememly popular. Any genre that can command over one hundred-thousand gamers to trek online to play against others is a force to be reckoned with.

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Battlefield 3 - last post by DarkStar


Massive Multiplayer Online gaming has taken the world by storm, addicting thousands if not millions to there ever-present/ever-changing environments. While there will likely never be consensus as to which is the best of the best when it comes to MMORPG, there certianly are quite a few worth discussing.

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Dark Millenium Online - last post by Webbie

Role Playing

  1. Neverwinter Nights

RPG, a genre that spans the divide between console and PC. One thing that remains the same however is the undying love fans have for this genre, regardless of its platform.

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Anyone Else Playing Skyrim? - last post by ethelred


Real Time Strategy and Turn Based Strategy are another incredible game type that really shine on PC more so then any other platform. With so many classics from Blizzard, Westwood Studios and more, there are themes for everyone to enjoy.

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Star Craft 2 Beta? - last post by Andrax